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Drone XC LTE Dash Cam Now Available for Preorder

Drone XC LTE Dash Cam Now Available for Preorder

The wait is finally over. The highly anticipated Drone XC-LTE dash cam is preparing for shipment in March 2024.

Firstech Dealers in the U.S. can now place preorders for the Drone XC-LTE, along with the rear and interior accessory cameras (XC-RC1 and XC-IR1, respectively). MSRP for the XC-LTE dash camera system is $379.99. Partner-specific pricing is now available through your Firstech sales rep or distributor.

How to place a preorder:

  1. Contact your Firstech Sales Representative or Authorized Firstech Distributor.
  2. Direct dealers can email Firstech Sales at
  3. Place your order directly on the website or the myFirstech App.

If you are interested in becoming a Firstech DroneMobile dealer, please complete this contact form and a representative will contact you shortly.

We want to thank our entire team at Firstech, along with all of our valued partners who have provided invaluable feedback throughout the entire testing process.

About Drone XC

Drone XC-LTE is the first-ever dash camera to integrate with an aftermarket alarm or remote start system. This groundbreaking new product gives drivers the ability to control, track, and monitor their vehicle from anywhere with ONE app.

XC-LTE connects directly to all Firstech control modules, including CM-X, CM-DC3, and CM900-series products. To learn more about Drone XC and DroneMobile, please visit

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