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Have You Used myFirstech Wiring?

Have You Used myFirstech Wiring?

Did you know myFirstech has FREE vehicle wiring schematics* for most install applications, including audio? Also, there are no buy-in requirements!

  1. ✅ Remote start wiring
  2. ✅ Security and alarm wiring
  3. ✅ Audio wiring
  4. ✅ Bypass module wiring
  5. ✅ T-harness guides

Firstech dealers and installers can access vehicle wiring today at OR on the myFirstech App (Android | iOS).

*myFirstech account required for access

Also, our tech team has released a new search engine for installers, called myFirstech Wiki ( Find helpful articles on installing remote starters and alarms. Also, we now have online support for DroneMobile!

These are just a few of the helpful tools that Firstech provides our valued dealer partners at no additional cost to them.

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