30+ Years Experience
Certified Fire Fighter
2022 Tech Support of the Year

Jason Ewing’s passion for music and cars started early in his teenage years. Living in south Florida during the late 80’s is when he heard his first subwoofer in a vehicle, and that is all it took. Installing an eq and some speakers and getting it all to work, was the inspiration for a lifelong career. His senior year in high school marked his first job in a Car Audio shop outside of Philadelphia. He spent the next 15 years as an installer, shop manager, and eventual trainer at mom-and-pop shops, small regional chains, and large corporate chains. All the while being a IASCA pro competitor in sound quality.

In 2005, he was recruited to do a small tv show based in San Diego, Ca called Rock the boat, which would air on the now defunct, OLN network. After filming of the first 4 episodes, including the Arc Audio boat, they aired those shows and never went on to another season as the network was sold and became the VERSUS network. It was during this time that MTV’s Pimp My Ride had moved to a new shop, and installers were needed. 1 phone call later he moved to LA to join the crew building and wiring the last 33 vehicles on the show.

After filming ceased in 2007, he took a position with Autopage and was one on the national trainers and technical support agents until 2010, when he transitioned over to Automotive Data Solutions. He spent the next 9 years at Idatalink in tech support and training. He was also with Wade Beebe on trainings events all over the country and it was a no brainer to move over to the Firstech family. This happened in 2019.

Today, Jason works remotely from the state of Pennsylvania, he lives with his wife Amy, two daughters Jenee and Arianna. His eldest son Ryan is also an installer who excels at tinting and remote starters. He is based out of a shop Jason originally worked at before. Jason is also an elected School Board Director in his home district and serves as the vice-president. One other thing is he is also a certified fire fighter in his spare time. He is a drone operator and vehicle rescue specialist. When he isn’t on a fire call, or at the school handling an issue there, he can be found on the Facebook group answering questions at all hours of the day and night.

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